ICTBroadcast autodialer, DNC and Opt-Out for Countries with Legal Restrictions on telemarketing / Cold calling / robocaling

Each country has different laws and regulations regarding telemarketing / robocalling and as a business you need to take care and comply these laws and regulations accordingly while doing telemarketing / auto dialing robocalling / Voice broadcasting / cold calling / sms messaging / fax broadcasting. These laws vary from country to country. It is very important to take note of these rules because different illegal businesses are violating these laws and making it difficult for telemarketing companies to build trust with their users and target audience. Basically, the law requires to send pre-recorded messages only to subscribers who have signed or agreed to allow this type of call. If your calling list is containing international numbers, make sure you follow the international laws regarding voice broadcasting. The rules differ by country and you have to take a close look at the terms before you can launch your message to the masses.

ICTBroadcast includes features related to compliance of telemarketing laws so that users of the countries in which legal restrictions applies use it without any issues. One of the feature is opt-out option that meet the government's Do Not Call regulations (also known as global or master DNC list). Another feature is master DNC list. A user can also create personal or local DNC list to further filter phone number from calling. Timezone is another important feature that an autodialer should have if it allows calling people from different continents. In this article, we will investigate the compliance features of ICTBroadcast and how it helps users of ICTBroadcast to perform legal broadcasting.

Most of world's top countries allow telemarketing in working days and working hours with opt out option such as USA, Canada, UK , Australia and India etc , means you can make telemarketing calls to these countries complying with their laws and there will no legal issue for you.

Opt Out Feature

Opt out can be very helpful when assisting direct marketing clients whose customers wish to opt out of their marketing programs. Opt out is a method requiring a targeted individual to explicitly respond to a solicitation offer in order to keep from receiving any further service or product solicitations. With introduction and maintenance of Do Not Call (DNC) legislation, it is important for businesses to provide an easy method for fax and call recipients to opt out of your direct marketing campaigns.

ICTBroadcast voice broadcasting feature allows you to record or upload an audio file (your own voice perhaps) and then have it automatically transmitted over phone lines to a list of contacts that you provide. ICTBroadcast also provides an Opt out mechanism that makes it easy for your contacts to stop receiving calls from you if they are no longer interested. For example pressing 9 before the message starts.

Do Not Call Lists

ICTBroadcast provides two types of DNC list: Master DNC and User DNC. Master DNC list is the country-wide DNC list provided by the government bodies such as FCC and FTC in U.S. Whereas User DNC is a list for every user who is performing fax or voice broadcasting using ICTBroadcast. It allows a call or fax recipient to be removed from your calling lists automatically. This list can be populated manually as well as automatically when some call recipient chooses opt out. When using ICTBroadcast, it is up to user to ensure that all Federal and State laws are followed. But most aspects of voice broadcasts are heavily regulated within the system including the time of day to call and limitations on where to call.

Inbound Campaign

Inbound campaign allows to do inbound marketing to establish a business relationship with a prospect. It saves you from being dependent on to the Do Not Call Registry. That relieves you from maintaining compliance while calling to your prospects. Inbound marketing means developing trust before selling can take place. Other advantages of Inbound campaign is that it is low-cost as compared to the outbound campaign because the prospects call at your provided numbers. ICTBroadcast brings inbound campaign as one of best marketing practice because it brings genuine leads rather than reaching outbound to cold and questionable targets. Inbound campaign ensures high conversion levels at minimal cost. It does, however, take an ample commitment and patience to get you the desired results.

Following are some links to help you ensure that you meet the telemarketing requirements in following countries.
In Canada: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/trules-reglest.htm
In The USA: www.fcc.gov www.ftc.gov

If done properly, voice broadcasting can be a powerful medium to communicate with a large number of audience. But if done wrongly, it will get you in very hot water and of course your customers too.

AMD & DNC Support

Telemarketing Laws in USA, Canada, Australia , UK and European union

a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telemarketing"> Robocalling / Cold calling and Telemarketing laws & regulations world wide

How to become Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), start offering ICT services and solutions to your customers

An Internet telephony service provider provides communications services using digital telecommunications medium such as VoIP to either residential users or commercial enterprises. Anyone having a general knowledge of ICT's can setup an IP Telephony Service Provider ( ITSP) business. There are three main components required to setup your own ITSP setup.


Hardware infrastructure may consist of dedicated servers, failover servers, switches, routers, gateways also it includes sufficient symmetric internet bandwidth required for real time communications. The hardware infrastructure can be on rental basis from third party hardware provider or it will be owned by you, available at your premises.


It consist of two main components ,first is main website with products listing, self services customer portal and e-commerce functionality. We call it marketing portal and second is a white label multi tenant service portal to offer hosted ICT services to customers and manage their billing separately. We call it service portal

Telecom Gateways

That includes VOIP/PSTN carriers for Voice & Fax communications,SMPP providers for SMS messaging and Email gateways for emails. The admin needs to register and configure multiple accounts with wholesale VoIp/SMPP providers for origination and termination services keeping into account quality of service like latency and jitter.

Software products

In this section, we will discuss multiple ICT's based software products that will enable you to offer a variety of business services to your customers and start your business as an ITSP. A complete Ip Telephony Service Provider solution will require 1) Provisioning portal it includes marketing of products and services, client management, billing, CRM and support services 2) communication service portal it provides user and admin web portals to use the communication services. Below we will discuss software products to be set up as communications service portals accordingly.

Following are our main ICT projects

ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition

ICTCore Service Provider Edition

ICTFax Service Provider Edition

ICTContact Service Provider Edition

ICTCRM Service Provider Edition

ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition

What services can be provided with ICTBroadcast Service Provider Edition ?

A Service Provider can offer a variety of communications and telemarketing services to its customers such as

1. Voice Broadcasting

2. Bulk SMS Messaging

3. Fax broadcasting

4. Email communcations

5. Inbound/Outbound Call Center

6. Contact Center

7. CRM communications integration

8. Business communication automation

9. Voice Surveys

10. Custom IVR Designing

11. CTI and personalized communications

12. Auto, Predictive and Power dialer

13. Rest API's and Integeration API's

14. Voice based Appointment reminder

15. Autoprovisioning of products/services

ICTBroadcast main features

IVR Studio

ICTBroadcast is bundled with IVR Studio that empowers users to design custom campaigns as per their requirements with simple drag and drop tools, There is no limitations, users can create any numbers of levels, play IVR , ask call recipient for DTMF input, play another IVR and DTMF again or integrate the third-party system on particular action, .

Unified Communications

ICTBRoadcast features SMS Messaging, Voice communications, bulk Faxing as well as Email marketing , It is single platform to manage all campaigns same time , each users is capable to run multiple campaigns and monitor their real-time reporting also manage these campaigns in real-time such as increase or decrease number of concurrent channels of a particular time from interface directly .

Rest API's and Webhooks / Push call notifications

ICTBRoadcast offers REST APIs, as well as Webhooks/push call notifications, support to integrate it with any third-party applications. Webhooks / Push call notifications to enable ICTBroadcast, admin/user, to configure campaigns to post or send call-related events to remote systems / third party applications also called push call status/web hook notifications.

Voice Call Surveys and Polls campaign

ICTBroadcast also provides a survey campaign feature that enables you to run voice-based surveys asking call recipients multiple questions and then creating useful reports from the survey responses.

Appointment Reminder campaign

ICTBroadcast can be used as an automated appointment reminder software that can help to remind different events.

CNAM Support in ICTBroadcast

To implement LCR, some information is required from HLR for which ICTBroadcast has a module CNAM.CNAM query gets the information about that number through OCN, on the basis of that information route is selected.

outbound Call Center with Predictive dialer support

ICTBroadcast supports complete outbound Call Center functionality :
ICTBroadcast features WebRTC web panels for agents as well as integration with any CRM, It offers press 1 campaign / interactive campaign, IVR Studio also Personalized communications using custom tokens. An interactive campaign dialer dials outbound and plays IVR and if the customer shows interest by press desired key, the call will be forwarded to live agents, and customer particulars will be fetched from CRM before the agent and further communications will take place between agent and customer directly.

Inbound Call Center

ICTBroadcast can feature to create permanent inbound campaigns, these campaigns will listen to incoming calls on published DID numbers / Toll-free numbers and play custom IVRs to incoming calls also forward calls to live agents for further communications, in case caller press the desired key then said call will be forwarded to live agents for further support also with survey campaign, you can conduct inbound surveys too.

Subscription campaign to register customers automatically through voice broadcasting campaign

ICTBroadcast Subscription Campaign enables businesses to automatically invoke software registration process or other application with just one keypress from recipient/customers. With the help of a Subscription Campaign, another software or application can be integrated. It plays pre-recorded voice messages offering customer/recipients to press the required key and when the interested customer presses that specified key, ICTBroadcast invokes the registration process and calls API of other software/Application automatically.

How ICTBroadcast can help you in your ITSP business?

ICTBroadcast service provider (SP) edition has all the features of enterprise-grade software for its customers who want to become Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and want to provide their own broadcasting services (such as voice, SMS, fax, and email) to their customers. ICTBroadcast is productive, scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure software and also comes with monitoring, integration, upgrading, and support services. Some other features that ICTBroadcast SP edition have to support your business are listed below:

Scalable and Redundant platform to offer services globally

ICTBroadcast can be scaled with ease to fulfill customer's need across multiple servers on different locations as well as ICTBroadcast does support full fail-over support, if one node fails, another node will take up its position automatically .

Multi-tenant and Multi-campaign

ICTBroadcast SP edition is a multi-tenant system that provides a separate web portal for users and administrators. Every user can create an unlimited number of campaigns running simultaneously.

System monitoring

ICTBroadcast SP edition provides all system monitoring features in one place (i.e. Dashboard) allowing Admin to monitor overall system resources, including nodes, users, channels, and campaigns statistics.

Resource Management

ICT Broadcast SP edition helps to manage rates, routes, payments, channels, users, and their permissions. Administrators can also manage system resources such as assigning or un-assigning extensions and DIDs to users.


ICTBroadcast SP edition is the multi-lingual system with built-in support of many of the most used languages on Internet as well as ICTBroadcast support multiple time zones, each user will have its own timezone settings .

Third Party Integration

ICTBroadcast SP edition provides easy to use RESTful APIs to integrate with a third party software such as CRM.
Overall ICTBroadcast SP edition is a complete solution for anyone seeking to start their own business as an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP).
we are also offering other business solutions to our valued customers, Most of these solutions are ready to offer however few are still under development.

Other Software products to setup ITSP business

ICTFax Service Provider Edition, provide Email to fax and Web to fax solution

It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables them to offer complete fax solution including Email to Fax and Web to Fax.

Get a Quote for ICTFax Service Provider Edition

What services you can provide with ICTFax Service Provider Edition ?

1. Email to Fax

2. Fax to Email

3. Web to Fax

4. ATA Fax

5. Fax rest api's

ICTContact Service Provider Edition, offer cloud based inbound / outbound call centre solutions

It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables them to offer inbound and outbound call center solutions to their customers

Get a Quote for ICTContact Service Provider Edition

What services you can provide with ICTContact Service Provider Edition ?

1. Unified contact center supporting voice,sms and email

2. Outbound call center

3. Inbound call center

4. Crm cti integeration services

5. Progressive dialer for CRM

6. Communications api services

ICTCORE Service Provider Edition offers communications API

ICTCore is a unified communications platform for advanced users/developers to integrate their existing systems with a unified communications portal to add communications capabilities using drag and drop IVR Designer or through published APIs with ease never offered before.

ICT Innovations offers ICTCore SP Editon based on number of concurrent channels capacity.

Get a Quote for ICTCore Service Provider Edition

What services you can provide with ICTCore ?

1. Unified communications sms, voice, fax and email

2. Communications API's provisioning services to web
developers to add CTI features in their applications

ICTCRM Service Provider Edition, offer cloud
based CRM Solutions

It is multi-tenant business solution for Internet service providers with complete billing and e-commerce integration that enables service providers to offer cloud based CRM solutions to their business customers with complete integration of advance communications technologies . It can also be integrated with contact center to offer communication capabilities.

Get a Quote for ICTCRM Service Provider Edition

What services you can provide with ICTCRM Service Provider Edition ?

1. ICT integrated advance CRM as SaaS

2. CTI integeration services with CRM

3. Voice,SMS and Email integeration with CRM

Technical Details of Different
Packages of Service Provider Edition


Selecting a Wholesale Voip
Provider for your requirements


ICTBroadcast blog


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Pleased to announce that we at ICT Innovations succesfully tested new addition of Appointment Reminder support in ICTBroadcast

ICTBroadcast is a unique auto dialer that can be used as an automated appointment reminder software. Appointment reminders in simple words are devices, software application or alarms that help remind us of different events also it confirm our schedule . Appointments are necessary and thus part of every walk of life

Appointment Reminder Campaign

Appointment reminder campaign places a reminder call to all the contacts in a group. This campaign requires that every contact should have scheduled appointment start time and appointment end time in any of the custom fields in contact form. All calls will be placed before appointment start time. Campaign administrator will set 'reminder call time' in the campaign creation form that will specify how many hours before the appointment start the call will be placed. There is also a 'reminder expiry time' field in the campaign creation form that makes sure no calls should be placed after the expiry time. When admin/user selects this campaign, it will open a form that lists all the options and settings for creating this campaign.

Fore more detail, please visit following link

Voice calling supported automated and realtime appointment setting software

How to configure SMS Trunk in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast is a multi-tenant autodialer that can send thousands of voice messages, text messages, email, and fax simultaneously through campaigns. All this data is transmitted when Trunks is configured in ICTBroadcast. Kannel gateway and SMPP protocol are used in the trunk configuration. Following methods are used in ICTBroadcast there are two ways to configure trunks (Central and dedicated)

How to Map Contacts Fields in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast allows users to manage contacts in form of a group. There are different ways to upload contact groups in ICTBroadcast.

ICTBroadcast allows users to manage contacts in form of a group. There are different ways to upload contact groups in ICTBroadcast such as:

  • Upload contacts via standard file
  • Upload contacts via a custom file
  • Copy contacts from an existing group
  • Continue without import contacts

contact group uploading options in ICTBroadcast

How to add more numbers in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast facilitates their users to add extra contact details as per requirement.

ICTBroadcast facilitates their users to add extra contact details as per requirement. There are simple steps are listed below to add more fields:
Navigate to the campaign's main menu, then click on campaign default settings. Click on the contact option on-page, it will open the general contact configuration form. By default following settings are available in the system.

How to add more contacts fields in ictbroadcast?

ICTBroadcast facilitates their users to add more contact fields in contact information as per requirement.

ICTBroadcast facilitates their users to add more contact fields in contact information as per requirement. There are simple steps are listed below to add more fields:

Navigate to Campaigns in the main-men, then click on campaign default settings. Click on the contact option on-page, it will open the general contact configurations form. By default following settings are available in the system.

How to setup billing/rate plan in ICTBroadcast?

ICTBroadcast has an integrated billing system and allows real-time control of calls and campaigns according to available funds.

ICTBroadcast has an integrated billing system and allows real-time control of calls and campaigns according to available funds. To set billing/rate-plan following steps are listed below:


There is a list of regions available in the system if you need to add a new region specifically ICTBroadcast facilitates adding new regions. There are following steps are listed below:
Click on the Billing main menu, then click on the Regions menu.
A list of regions code and names will be available on the page as shown:

How to set up a new account in ICTBroadcast with payment?

ICTBroadcast supports advanced user management features like, billing management, system resources assign extension, etc.

The following steps are given below to set up a new account in SP:

Setup new user account:

ICTBroadcast supports advanced user management features like, billing management, system resources
assign extension, etc. You can add balance to a user account and the user can then run campaigns within
the available budget. Each outgoing call will check to ensure that sufficient funds are available.
Click on administration in the main menu, a list of users will be shown on the page.